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This is Kevin La Croix owner and founder of Key Carpet Cleaning. Thank you for arriving at my website.Key Carpet Cleaning’s mission reflects my ethic for honesty, integrity, hard work, meticulous attention for detail, and pride in workmanship. These ethics represent a customer service centered business philosophy. At Key Carpet Cleaning customer service is the golden rule:

  • Expert Cleaning of all Types of Carpet, Tile & Grout
  • Careful, Conscientious, Detailed, Knowledgeable
  • Prompt, Courteous, Reliable
  • Value with expert service
  • Use of technically superior cleaning products & equipment
  • Completing the job right the first time
  • Educating the customer to help them save money
  • Open Monday-Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Available by Appointment
  • Proudly serving the Prescott Area

Key Carpet Cleaning uses the Rotovac DHX Rotary Jet Extraction Power Wand for Superior Restorative Carpet Cleaning Results.

I ensure that Key Carpet Cleaning has the most advanced cleaning equipment available on the market today for carpet cleaning in Prescott, and carpet cleaning in Prescott Valley.

I researched the market and spoke with colleagues in the industry. Ultimately I use the Rotovac DHX, Rotary Jet Extraction Power Wand. The Rotovac DHX features:

  • Two counter rotating, dome shaped cleaning heads equipped with three spray jets that are triangularly positioned and partnered to a vacuum slot.
  • Incorporates a patented, powerful, Rotary Jet Extraction, deep cleaning dynamic of encased heat in the cleaning zone, agitation and multiple flushing actions, with vacuum extraction.
  • Each cleaning head powered by a high torque gear motor generating up to 1500 carpet cleaning passes per minute.
  • Simultaneous vacuum extraction ensures carpet dries in hours to protect carpet from moisture.
  • Equipped with variable cleaning head speed and pile height adjustment dial controls enabling the Key Carpet Cleaning Service Technician to adjust the Rotovac DHX for optimal dirt lifting and vacuum extraction capabilities for all types of carpet.

The Rotovac DHX Power Wand versus the Manual Scrub Wand.

Carpet Cleaning Performance by Rotovac DHX

The manual scrub wand is a tool used extensively by both Prescott carpet cleaners, and Prescott Valley carpet cleaners. When cleaning more heavily soiled carpet the manual scrub wand becomes labor intensive and highly unreliable. The cleaning result for the manual scrub wand is entirely dependant upon the technique, strength, stamina and willingness of the Prescott carpet cleaning technician or Prescott Valley carpet cleaning technician working the manual scrub wand.

When cleaning with a manual scrub wand the cleaning results depend on how much elbow grease the technician is willing or able to put into their work. The Rotovac DHX is an electric power tool that does most of the labor intensive cleaning and all the scrubbing work for the technician. Comparing the Rotovac to a manual scrub wand is like comparing a skill saw to a hand saw.

Carpet Cleaning Performance by Rotovac DHX

The Rotovac DHX is much easier, more efficient and more effective to use than a manual scrub wand. The Rotovac DHX employs a patented Rotary Jet Extraction, deep cleaning process of contained heat within the cleaning zone, agitation and multiple flushing actions, like a washing machine, with vacuum extraction. The Rotovac DHX makes more cleaning passes, up to 1500 per minute, than is possible with a manual scrub wand. In addition, the cleaning passes scrub from all directions rather than just scrubbing back and forth.The Rotovac DHX’s counter-rotating cleaning heads allow it to glide back and forth over the carpet with an easy one-handed operation, similar to using an upright vacuum cleaner.

Working hunched over while manually scrubbing back and forth with a manual scrub wand is hard labor that quickly fatigues any service technician. The Rotovac DHX has converted a difficult, inefficient, unreliable back and forth manual task to a much easier, efficient, reliable, technically superior “rotary mechanized operation.”

The Rotovac DHX Rotary Jet Extraction Power Wand produces far easier, more efficient, more effective, technically superior cleaning results.

High Quality at a Fair Price.

Key Carpet Cleaning’s pricing is consistent, straight forward and competitive. We offer free estimates with no hidden fees and we stand behind both our estimates and our work. We offer the highest quality of carpet cleaning in Prescott and the highest quality of carpet cleaning in Prescott Valley.

When Prescott carpet cleaners or Prescott Valley carpet cleaners offer deals like $29.00 off for new customers or $4.95 per room it’s a “gimmick” to lure you in. “$29.00 off of what? Let’s face it nobody will clean your carpet for $4.95 per room, and if they’re using gimmicks to lure you in then what does that say about their level of repeat business and ultimately the quality of their work?”

Key Carpet Cleaning ensures our customers receive reliable customer services and the highest quality of carpet cleaning in Prescott and the highest quality of carpet cleaning in Prescott Valley.


Thank you each and every time for your decision to select Key Carpet Cleaning.


Kevin La Croix






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